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Love As A Service allows you to simply send messages to the ones you love.
Spreading the love has never been this easy!

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  I love everyone!   -- Sender  


  Hi Recipient, I love you   -- Sender  


  I owe you one Recipient   -- Sender  


  Hi Recipient, int he name of love, snapchat me!   -- Sender  


  Happy Birthday Recipient!   -- Sender  


  I want to kiss you all over! I'm so into smooching with you, Recipient!   -- Sender  


  Hi Recipient, I miss you, so much.   -- Sender  


  Thank you for Recipient   -- Sender  


  Hi Recipient, I like you, like a lot.   -- Sender  


  Hey Recipient, do you love me?   -- Sender  


  Happy Thanksgiving, Recipient!   -- Sender  


  I can't keep it in anymore, Recipient. I have a HUGE crush on you!   -- Sender  


  I want to cuddle with you so bad, Recipient   -- Sender  


  I love you too Recipient!   -- Sender  


  A very merry Christmas, Recipient   -- Sender  

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Infinite arctic love
A hunger games phenomena
An intercontinental love message!
A Final request before drowning
Missing sexual life


Love As A Service was built out of love, as an answer to the Fuck Off As A Service Project
Created by Nicholas Charriere
All contributions welcome, fork me on github